The project "Ebanisti Toscani" stems from the desire to maintain the artistic craftsmanship of Tuscany, where tradition throughout history has been of excellence in figurative and decorative arts, as well as in the sciences. From Giotto's perspective, to the architectural  application of Brunelleschi, the technical and scientific genius of Leonardo da Vinci, the majesty of art by Michelangelo and the master sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, Tuscany has been the home of talent and beauty for centuries.

With consideration and respect for this great tradition we offer furniture and furnishings created with passion and competence, using the finest materials and traditional techniques aided by cutting edge technology. From hand carvings to laser software and in collaboration with leading craftsmen and technicians, metal craftsmen of Florence and professors and students from the school of art "Piero della Francesca" of Anghiari all to make our ideas into a reality.

Our mission as a team is attention to detail, working together toward products of excellence. This is achieved by our quest of selecting the best materials, design forms being carefully created and our genuine pleasure and commitment in producing high quality pieces.

However our love for tradition has not prevented us from introducing the necessity of mechanisation to adapt classical designs to current requirements of practicality and multi-functionality blending the old with the new which characterises our furniture making. We understand and are well aware the need to integrate the modern and innovative to enhance our products to suit current needs.