Project Bureau Plat Diplomatic Louis XV Ministerial

Bureau Plat Diplomatic

The Bureau Plat is one of the most refined and elegant pieces that has been reproduced several times through history.

It originated in France, during the reign of King Louis XV, there were slight changes that were evident in the reproductions but retained its charm and intended purpose through the ages.

The  bureau is found in major  museums and Palaces worldwide.

Our challenge was to capture the essence of the original style of the bureau, to  recreate the authentic piece to the best of our ability, hence focusing on the fluidity of function, the characteristic bronzes and the correct balance of the various proportions.

We feel we have achieved this goal by creating "the triumph of curves" the Diplomatic Bureau Plat in the style of Louis XV.

We were inspired by the secret compartments that were always part of all bureaus produced throughout time, so we included these sections where one can store valuable items such as documents, jewellery etc.

The mechanisation used is our distinctive feature, which makes this a unique desk adapting to modern requirements.

Project Bureau Plat Diplomatic Louis XV Ministerial - luxury desks

BUREAU PLAT Diplomatic

Project Bureau Plat Diplomatic Luigi XV Ministerial